How to breed dragon city

This game Dragon city is a classic game itself as it offers so many things. There is breeding and for that matter there are some ways to do this.

Dragon game is definitely a favourite game in the list of game lovers. It will take you to the world of dragons in just few seconds. This game has been designed in such a way. Here are some ways to do it. Click here

Ways to breed dragon

So how to breed dragon is not a big deal. You can take help of tutorial and learn to do it. The very first step to do this method is levelling up dragon through feeding.

Then other thing which you could do is building a ground like breeding trees, mountains. There will be options to select that which dragon will be right one to select.

This is time taking process of creating eggs and more time for contrive. This whole offspring is dependent matter and parents are responsible for it. But then there is even luck which matters here in the matter of breeding.

The chances are always rare that you get the perfect kind of dragon you have thought for. There are few things to keep in mind that you are inept in feeding them directly okay.

Thus you have option of picking up hybrid dragons which consists of the opposing elements for breeding the hybrid dragon. Hybrid is one of most important thing in breeding method.

Then there is rare booster which has been introduced recently for breeding dragons. Although you must be aware that you have rare chances to breed to your dragons. So this rarity booster is a limited one if you are looking for breeding for pure element combinations.

The dragons are split into generations there is first generation then there is second generation. So these are some simple ways which you can pick up while breeding your dragons. Either takes this rarity booster or you can even follow old ways for breeding them.

• It is not possible to get pure dragon through breeding
• Now, reach the level 34, it requires to witness the pure dragon 
• Make sure to get the gold of 15 million 
• You can get an opportunity to buy the pure dragon 

Wrapping up
Although you would have understood this simple process and you will also keep this in mind that when you would breed your dragon you will not always find dragon according to your wish and rest of the process depends on the offspring of dragon. So play this game and also breed it because it is even not tough nut to crack!